Ritter’s Farm Markets dates back to 1955 when it all started with a wheelbarrow, a wooden pallet, and a dream.

Lots of good old fashioned hard work and years later Ritter’s is one of the premier farm markets in Northeast Pennsylvania.

The proudly owned Family business now has a fleet of tractors and hundreds of acres on which Ritter’s grows their famous sweet corn as well as tomatoes, pumpkins, & a variety of pesticide free veggies including a large U-Pick blueberry patch.

Ritter’s Onsite Bakery supplies the markets daily with fresh cider donuts, pies, cookies, & plenty of home baked treats to choose from.

The latest exciting addition on the farm is Ritter’s Winery & Cidery. From Fruit Wines, Grape Wines, & Hard Ciders, the selection is impressive and sure to please!

But of everything that Ritter’s strives to provide to the community the main goal is to give everyone a Big Smile! 


Grampy Ritter

Grampy is great at everything! Including yodeling and wine making...
Jim is the man! Head of all aspects of farming and quite possibly the craziest on the farm...

Jim Ritter

Liane Ritter

Liane runs the bakery, brings new products to market, & chases the grandkids...
Ian is the general manager, head wine maker, & resident piano player...

Ian Ritter

Kimberly Storm Ritter

Kim is head of Farm to Table and accomplished designer, author, mom, & aspiring rapper...


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