Ritter’s own handcrafted hard ciders made with a variety of the most delicious apples and fruits.

Sweet Apple Hard Cider

Crisp & Sweet! Made with Honeycrisp Apples. 7%abv.

Dry Apple Hard Cider

Crisp & Dry! Made with Honeycrisp Apples. 7%abv.

Sweet Peach Hard Cider

A Sweet Peach & Honeycrisp Apple Blend! 7%abv.

Blueberry Hard Cider

A Sweet Blueberry & Crisp Apple Blend! 7%abv.

Pear & Apple Hard Cider

A Sweet Pear & Crisp Apple Blend! 7%abv.

Pumpkin Hard Cider

A Sweet Pumpkin Spice & Crisp Apple Blend! 7%abv.

Cranberry Orange Hard Cider

A Tart & Sweet Cranberry, Orange, Apple Creation! 7%abv.

Our fruit wines are raging with flavor! Sweet, Semi-sweet, Dry

Blueberry Wine

A Sweet Blueberry Lovers Treat with a slightly tart finish. 14%abv.

Dry Blueberry Wine

A Dry Blueberry Lovers Treat with a slightly tart finish. 14%abv.

Sweet Apple Wine

Sweet & Crisp! Made with Honeycrisp Apples. 14%abv.

Dry Apple Wine

Dry & Crisp. Made with Honeycrisp Apples. 14%abv

Elderberry Wine

A Semi-Sweet Elderberry Delight with a tangy finish. 14%abv

Sweet Peach Wine

A Sweet Peach Dream! 14%abv

Strawberry Wine

A Semi-Sweet Fresh Strawberry Treat! 14%abv.

Blackberry Wine

Sweet & Fruity with a slightly tart finish. 14%abv

Dry Blackberry Wine

Dry & Fruity with a slightly tart finish. 14%abv

Pear Wine

Sweet & Smooth Made with Asian & Bartlett Pears. 14%abv.

Green Tomato Wine

Unique & Sweet! Grampy's Green Tomatoes with hints of citrus. 14%abv.

Cabernet Merlot

50/50 blend of Cabernet & Merlot with flavors of berries and spices. 13.5%abv.

Pinot Grigio

Crisp with flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, & minerals. 13.5%abv.


Smooth, Dry, & Fruity with a soft tannin finish. 13.5%abv.

October Red

A Sweet Pumpkin Spice & Merlot Wine Blend. It's A Bloody Treat! 13.5%abv.

Pino Noir

Light bodied with flavors of black cherry, plum, & spices. 13.5%abv.


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